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Toddler olympics 

Watching the Rio Olympic Games with the twins around has been a very unusual experience. Another first, as in 2012 I was so baby-free I managed to actually go and see some events. This time all I could watch was only anything past their bedtime.

As Rio is 5 hours behind where I am, it was possible to watch most finals in the evening or at night, but the fencing semifinals at 6PM proved very tricky to watch. My mum was very understanding so she would try to keep the boys away (or under control) for the 15 minutes required for a fencing match. Playing with play dough was always a good idea as it meant for them to be seated down and it’s usually not a very noisy game.

To put them in the Olympic spirit we also made some Olympics rings with homemade dough, cook them and paint them with the 5 colours. They obviously didn’t appreciate what we were doing, but they really enjoyed painting objects instead of paper.

As you can see below, T in particular liked the challenge of painting a 3D object… very tricky!

The diving competition was a real hit. The boys loved watching people throwing themselves off a 10m platform over and over again, but most importantly they really enjoy shouting “shower, shower, shower…” at the end of each dive. They just learned this new word, so they wanted to use it as many time as possible. I have to admit that T did get a little upset when the divers went  straight in the hot tub instead of having a shower!
Clapping after every arrow during the Archery quater finals was also very funny to watch. They even clapped a 3 points arrow!

I’m hoping that the next Olympics in 2020 will really give them a chance to enjoy and understand the importance of the Games. They will be 6 years old then and it will be too soon to take them (and too far, in Tokyo!), but I’m keeping my eyes open for the tickets of the 2024 Diving 10m platform final!