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A short reflection on parenthood

Last week I read a comment on an article from The Guardian. It said: “if you raise your kids sort of ok, they shouldn’t complot to kill you”. Except for the poor choice of words, I took the message at heart. It was referred to a couple of Californian brothers who killed their parents 30 years ago and now have been put in the same prison. Most of the comments sympathized with the brothers saying that they were abused, that’s why they killed their parents. I don’t actually know anything about this story and I don’t want to express an opinion on this, but the comment I quoted before really made me think…

Earlier in the year I was zapping through the hundreds of tv channels available, when the word “twins” caught my eye. I had to stop and investigate. Was it going to be a useful program? Did I even read the correct word? Well, I did and I’m sorry I stopped to watch it. It was a program about twins who became murderers. What a lovely thing to watch!

These two recent episodes made me reflect on my way of parenting. I always strive to be the best mum I can be. I would like my boys to grow as emotionally strong and happy children. To achieve my objective I always think of ways to improve their understanding of the world around them, activities to improve their motor skills, literacy and maths and I expose them to as many different environments as I can. Some days I succeed, some day I barely keep them (and myself) alive.

From now my aim on a good day will be absolutely the same, but on a bad day it will be: don’t give them any reason to complot to murder me!


Possible future careers

A few months ago there was a lovely advert from a well known formula milk that showed toddlers and their future careers. For example a boy drawing on a piece of paper becomes an architect and one climbing on mum’s bed becomes a professional climber. A little unrealistic, I know, ┬ábut it made me wonder what could my boys become in the future based on their passions now (limited obviously by drinking “only” cow’s milk and not an expensive formula milk!).

B loves lots and lots of things. He mainly loves animals. He could become a zoo keeper or travel to make documentaries around the world, maybe he could be a vet. He also loves trains, but all 2 years old boys love trains and only a small percentage actually becomes train conductors, so I’m not considering this option just yet. He also likes music. A lot! He is always playing his keyboards or asking daddy to play the guitar. He likes dancing and singing and he’s very much at ease in front of the camera, so maybe he has a future in the performing arts. Maybe a stand up comedian, when I consider how cheeky he can be. Whatever he ends up doing, he will do it with a smile on his face as everything he does now! And whatever he ends up being, it will apparently be better than T…

T has a few interests, but mainly he likes trains. He really likes trains! As said previously, this probably won’t be his chosen career anyway. The other thing he truly enjoys is fiddling with fingernails. If he can reach your hand, he can reach your nails and if he can do that, he will play with them for hours. Watching a movie on the couch used to be a nice chance for a cuddle, now it’s a constant fight to have your own hand back. Going to the supermarket used to be fun, now you can barely touch the trolley and your hand will be taken hostage! According to the advert this will surely lead to T opening his own nails salon. Can you imagine a 6 ft tall man with dark hair and a deep voice greeting you for your monthly nail treatment? I certainly can’t!