5 things to remember when flying with twins toddlers

1- Food! Nothing works better than food to stop them from crying, running away or annoying other passangers. I found that breadsticks work particularly well as they are easy to eat, they don’t strain and don’t smell.

2- A book to read, touch and occasionally bite. It covers all basis.

3- A sling or a rucksack to transport the babies. It works so much better than a pushchair and you don’t have to tag it and check it in at the gate.

4- An electronic boarding pass. If the airline you fly with let you use your mobile phone or tablet instead of a piece of paper, then take advantage. You will bring your mobile with you anyway and your babies won’t be able to shred it by mistake.

5- The other twin. It sounds silly, but there’s nothing that will entertain a baby as much as another child. My boys were laughing their heads off simply looking at each other on mummy and daddy’s laps. Also you will not be able to sit next to each other if you have two babies under two and reaching for your brother’s hand across the aisle while the rest of the passangers are trying to board, it’s hilarious!


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