5 reasons why twins toddlers make you laugh out loud

1 – When they start laughing at each other, you can’t stop from laughing with them.

2 – They copy each other when they discover something naughty to do. For example how to open the tap in the bathtub. You have to laugh at that, otherwise you’ll have to cry in desperation!

3 – At mealtime they love to feed each other… With disastrous consequences!

4  – They chase each other crawling. The best part is when one finds the other, he starts crawling away in the opposite direction. It’s a never ending game.

5 – They really like each other, but they have no idea how to show it so a cuddle quickly changes into a scrap. Although sometimes there are some honest mistakes, for example giving your brother a caress, after you have just squashed a piece of banana in your hand!


Two against one!

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