Vulcano eruption

The boys are finally old enough to help me making some bigger craft projects. This time around we also put a little science in the mixture and built a fully functioning vulcano!

It all started with some paper… actually a lot of paper!

Then we added some water and some glue. The boys really enjoyed squeezing the bottle of PVA glue. Instead of yelling “Stop! That’s too much!” like I do when they squeeze ketchup on their plates. I kept on saying: “A little more… a little more…” They loved it!

With paper machè you can make lots of intricate shapes, but with the limited ability of a 4 year old, the blob shape of a vulcano is all you can achieve! We put all the paper machè around a small bottle (about 150ml) and made sure it stuck to the cardboard underneath as well.

Once the paper was somewhat dry, we did some painting. Brown for T, grey for B and a little red for mummy (the lava effect).

Our final product was left to dry in the sun for days and days… we almost forgotten it was there. Once dry, it was finally time for a proper volcanic eruption…

Mummy carefully put the red vinegar and red food colouring in the volcano, while the boys took turns in pouring in the sodium bicarbonate using a teaspoon… their faces lit up at every eruption. I lost count of how many we did.

The moral of the story is… children are never too young to enjoy an explosive chemical reaction!!


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