Sleep tight little one

After months of planning, after reading several blogs of twins mums on the topic and spending a few hundreds pounds on new furniture, we finally put the boys in their big boy beds.

Despite me telling them about the change, they obviously had no idea. Their faces lit up with happiness when they saw their room transformed. The lack of dark cots makes the room looks so much bigger. Or in other words, a better place to jump around! Also the white furniture gives the room a completely new look. The carpet that we moved from their playroom though, gives a tone of familiarity which is very reassuring at this age. 

We let them “choose” their beds. Or more precisely T chose his bed (as he always chooses his toys) and B happily picked the other one. We know they may want to switch tomorrow, but we will put their name on and try to make it stick with it. Twins always share everything, but part of growing up is to recognise that maybe you don’t have to.

In a strange way I’m looking forward to tomorrow morning to see if B will scream for mummy as usual or if he will surprise us. We know T will try to open the door and leave, but we made sure that’s not going to happen by removing the door handle from the inside. A little extreme maybe, but functional. I actually was so surprise T didn’t try to open the door as soon as we left, but I believe that doing the switch on Friday night was a great idea. Extra tired boys after a full week at nursery!

Nothing left but crossing my fingers for a good night sleep…


The nightmare

I often wonder what my boys dream of at night and even more why sometimes they wake up screaming. Do they really have nightmares? Once a friend told me that her little girl fell off a slide at the playground and then for a few weeks she would have nightmares about it and wake up screaming in the middle of the night. That made perfect sense for her as the little girl would talk about her dream when she was awake. My boys on the other hand don’t really talk yet, so it stays a mystery what they dream of. At least till earlier tonight…

It’s 8.55PM and Sue and Mel are about to announce who will leave the Bake Off tent tonight, when I hear a scream in the monitor. I wander upstairs ready for the usual back-to-sleep-now conversation, when I find a very scared T sitting in his bed with no intention of going back to sleep. He is very upset, he is sobbing and not even seeing mamma calms him down. He obviously had a nightmare. When I ask what’s wrong he actually replies instead of crying. In his own words he says he had a nightmare about a train… “Nooooooo! Choo choo! Nooooooo!”. 

Has the train derailed? Has he been run over by a train? B stole his favourite train? We will never know. All we know is “Nooooooo! Choo choo! Nooooooo!”

24 months later…

Here we are again. Another year, another birthday. If the first 12 months seemed to fly, this second year was travelling at the speed of light. Between full time work and nursery, it feels like a barely saw the twins since last September. Then I remember the funny Christmas holiday, the rainy Easter weeks, the travelling May half term and the long and hot summer break and I realise how much I have actually seen my boys grow up despite my full time job. 

In the past 12 months they learned to walk AND talk. No other 12 months periods in their lives will have 2 major milestones together like this year. It’s amazing how much they have changed physically, but most importantly mentally. Their personalities are so clear now. It’s not just a guess over a cheeky smile, we know B is the one to keep an eye on. It’s not a parental intuition, we know T wants to play the role of the responsible older brother (that 1 minute makes all the difference). We know them now!

We also know when they are tired or hungry or bored. We know why they cry and how to make them stop. We know why they laugh and how to make them laugh harder. We love our boys and they are totally part of our lives. It took only two years, but we are a proper little family now.

Their second birthday is not only a celebration of the twins presence on planet Earth for the past 24 months, but it’s also a commemoration of the sacrifices we made for this to work. It’s a big day and we ought to celebrate in style!