The daddy effect

After 3 long weeks without daddy, he had finally reached us on holiday in Italy. The effect on the boys has been astonishing… 

Obviously they took daddy’s return into their lives very well and jumped around, run and screamed when they saw him for the first time. What is surprising though is that now anything is good as long as daddy is there. 

They don’t want to go for a shower? “Daddy is giving you a shower” I reply. They almost killed themselves by running towards the bathroom. 

B didn’t want to eat breakfast this morning, but as soon as daddy offered him a spoonful… aaaaaah… I have never seen him open his mouth so wide before!

This picture was taken today… even eating a breadstick is better if daddy is around!

I’m not stupid, I know it won’t last forever. Probably it will be gone by tomorrow morning, but today was a breeze and if you are a mum of twins you learn to take anything good that comes your way. Even if it means not getting a goodnight kiss for once, as the boys are too happy daddy is back to even notice you have left the room.


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