Splish splash splosh

The twins and I are on holiday in Italy to see nonna. The weather is as usually sunny and that inspired me to organise some water play at last.

On the first day, I didn’t have time to inflate the paddling pool, but with a temperature of 30°C I had to think outside the box. I collected some old washing up bowls from the laundry room, I found some measuring cups and I even froze some water and food colouring to form coloured ice cubes (my Pinterest addition is out of control). The result was a fun hour of water play. The boys loved transferring water from cups to jars to bowls and back again. On the other hand, they couldn’t care less about the coloured ice cubes! Good to know so that I can save some time in the future. 

I think that the best part of it all was seeing the boys playing together and not fighting. Maybe it was the lack of trains, which are usually the source of many arguments, or maybe it was the availability of more bowls and cups than they could possibily use. Whatever helped, it provided mum with a much deserved break. After all what is difficult about being with the boys is not playing with them, it’s not watching cartoons, it’s not cooking for them… it’s breaking the fights! The interminable fights!

Water is an excellent toy. It doesn’t stain, it cools you down and there’s plenty to go around. Thank God we are on holiday in a very hot country, so yesterday we took the boys to a water park with slides, sprays, bubbles and an amazing pool. They didn’t fight once! I love a day spent without toys, as it means a day without arguments. Parents of single children can’t understand this, they love toys! Their lonely child doesn’t have anybody to play with, but also doesn’t have a brother ready to steal his toys as soon as he turns. The single child doesn’t know what it means to fight to be able to get one more piece of Duplo. He doesn’t know that sometimes screaming is not enough… biting is a much more powerful weapon. 

It must be so easy having only one child… I can only imagine!



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