Which language was that?

Understanding a toddler is an art. It takes practice and self belief. It is so difficult that most parents have to translate to outsiders what their child is saying. It’s a very common thing and most people don’t think twice about it. But what happens when not even the parents understand? The secret is simple. Guess!

Nobody will ever know if you guessed correctly. You just need to look confident to others and to your own child. Make him believe that you are right! If you can’t do it now, he certainly won’t start to believe you have all the answers in his teens, will he? I’ll make you an example of something I observed at the playground. A little boy asking for something. Daddy looking momentarily puzzled and than he offered him a teddy bear. Maybe the poor little boy wanted something to drink, but his daddy was sure he wanted his soft toy. The boy gladly accepted the toy and probably forgot about the drink.

Or maybe his daddy was right.

We will never know…

So you can choose to believe your bilingual son just said “pesce”, while the grandparents swear he said “fish”. He probably said “pesh”, but the most important thing is that he got himself understood and made 3 grown ups extremely proud.



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