The scratch

On Thursday evening I arrived home a little late, so my husband was already feeding the twins dinner. I got closer to say hi and I noticed that T had a scratch on his right cheek which was still bleeding. I immediately thought it just happened and that he probably had done it to himself by mistake. A few minutes later though, my husband started to tell me all about what happened at nursery that day…

“So apparently T was scratched by this horrible child” my husband started to narrate the story. “They were fighting over a scooter or a bike outside and this child just went up to him and scratched him! He was too fast, so the nursery staff couldn’t do anything.” To myself I did agree this child was a little horrible, but he was also a child. It happens. But then my husband carried on: “I mean, over a bike! I can’t believe somebody could behave like that. Look at his face! It is still bleeding now!” I was starting to see his point. Well, maybe I should talk to the room leader, I thought. It is a little worrying that a child could do that to T. Ah well, one more thing to do tomorrow then. A phone call or maybe I could even go and pick the boys up and have a word…

“Well, at least B’s day was alright, wasn’t it?” I asked my husband. “Yes” he said, “although I had to sign a form for him as well.” “Really? What for?” I asked checking B for other bloody injuries. “Apparently he scratched this poor child who wanted to use a scooter or a bike or something…” My husband said with a cheeky smile.


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