Double up!

Does having two identical things of everything really helps? This is a question that I ask myself daily! It certainly doesn’t help my wallet having to buy 2 sets of everything, but if that would mean less fights, I would happily pay the price. 

A few weeks ago we bought a push along tractor for the twins. My husband thought they could share it. Within 4 hours from arrival I was already on Amazon ordering a second identical tractor. Did that help? No.

To be honest, it did help a little bit, and seen the boys on their tractors around the living room is really funny. But after 2 weeks T tried to claim both tractors at once and he hasn’t stopped since. I’m not sure why he believes B is not allowed a tractor, but if T is on one and B sits on the other, T would jump off and go to push him off it. This morning in fact he actually bit poor B!


On the other hand, if you have a drink from an orange sippy cup, your brother won’t really accept a blue one. So having two identical sippy cups is very important, if not essential for twins idration!

Other things though seems to have no importance what so ever. For example forks can have different colours, as long as the food is identical. But if one fork is metal and the other plastic… big trouble!! As a parent I found it very confusing. Cups must have the same colour, but forks don’t? What about plates then?

My twins are so different, I can’t see how they could like the same thing anyway, so I observed them closely. As I suspected they have different taste in toys. One likes Duplo, the other loves trains. One likes cooking, the other prefers watching TV. The problem is that if you are not doing anything but your brother is, bother him is a great activity… probably the best there is!



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