It’s so obvious that the twins now understand each other. I heard people calling it twinspeak, a language developed by two twins that nobody else can understand. Not only that, but they understand each other much better than what I can understand when they try to communicate to me. As their vocabulary is limited to 5-6 words, when they want something all they can do is babble and point at stuff. That creates some really funny situations.

Today, for example, they were both pointing at something. I thought it was the back door. I thought they wanted to go outside in the garden. They thought differently!

What they were pointing at was the cereal box (next to the door). Before I realise though, I started to get them ready to go outside, so I asked them “what do we need to go out, boys?” And I pointed at my feet saying “shoes!”. They both looked at me, looked at each other (probably rolled their eyes) and pointed at the cereal box one more time. Why does mummy wants us to put shoes on to eat cereal?? She must be crazy! Once I realised what they wanted I felt very silly for suggesting to put on a pair of shoes, while they felt very accomplished they made themselves understood! It was a lovely twinspeak moment.


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