The wrong trolley

Going for your weekly shopping with twin toddlers is not as hard as it sounds, but you need a twin trolley!

This afternoon I adventured out knowingly that the shop wasn’t going to have twin trolleys and yet I went anyway. I’m not sure what possessed me. Maybe I simply felt brave. Maybe I thought I could handle them. Maybe I fell and hit my head, but I don’t remember it. All I know is that I will never ever do this again…

Getting the twins out of the car and walking to the shop obviously wasn’t a problem as we do that daily. Walking, I mean. Once B was in the single seat trolley and T on a harness, everything started to get worse and worse with each step. At the entrance of the shop there’s freshly baked bread, which T proceeded to grab. So I bought it. Then there’s a fruit and veg area, where I had to stop T from grabbing even more things, but doing so he started to get a little frustrated. When we reached the frozen fish aisle he was determined to open the freezer. When I tried to stop him, he had a proper toddler meltdown (with audience). Fortunately I left quickly and he followed.

After a few more random cries and shouts, T noticed that I put some bananas in our trolley and he was determined he was going to have one. Shouting “nana! nana!” he decided to sit on the floor. He wasn’t going to move! Not till he had his banana! Not even when a woman with a full trolley and a car seat tried to run him over! Fortunately mum is quick on her feet…

T was moved to the trolley and B was set free. Unfortunately he was not feeling so good and he had no intention to walk. I tried to hold him, push the trolley, avoid them kicking each other AND carry on my shopping, but it was too much. I must have said “I give up” out loud, because some people turned to see me walking off in the direction of the tills.

Obviously I picked the wrong queue! No, it wasn’t too slow or too long, but the person in front of me put a bunch of bananas on the belt and the “nana, nana” corus started again!


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