Dear couple without children…

This is an open letter to all couples without children (yet) who come and visit the other half of the world. Us. The couple WITH children.

Dear couples without children, we are really sorry that all we can talk about is our perfect little people, but please try to understand. While you can wake up on a lazy Sunday morning to the sound of the birds outside, we wake up to the terrifying sound of a toddler trying to remove the bars from his crib. It’s still dark outside but there’s no going back. The children are awake now and bedtime is 12 hours away.

Yes, it is true, we have jobs. Some of us even work full time, but it’s just an excuse to survive each day. We found much easier to come to work, read some emails, go for a tea break and have a sandwich without screaming kids trying to eat your lunch (even if it is the same food). After dinner time, bath time and bedtime, we barely remember that we actually went to work during the day. Actually wanted to talk about seems a bit too much for us.

Yes, we used to talk about eating out and the latest Jamie’s recipe we wanted to cook, but now we love fish fingers. We are sorry, but we are too tired and busy to buy more than two ingredients, so it’s fish fingers and ketchup tonight… again.

Yes, we would love to let you know what was the last movie we went to see at the cinema, but it was at the end of last century so you may be too young to remember it. After all you don’t have children yet, you must be young! You can tell us about what you watched lately, but the plot need to be short because one of the twins is about to throw himself off the couch…

So we are sorry if all we talk about are our children, but that is all we can think of. Day and night. That we are awake or asleep, hungry or thirsty, happy or sad… that’s what we are thinking of. They changed our lives, they made us become new people and you have no idea how much, but you will… soon.


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