Why mums can’t ever drink a hot cup of tea

Here in the UK, when someone asks you if you would like a cup of tea, they mean so much more than a hot drink. They are asking if you would like to take a break, to sit down, maybe have a biscuit and possibly even a quick chat. They are simply trying to help you slow down.

I know this, not because I’m English (as I’m not), but because I’m a teacher and I get offered a lot of cups of tea during my usual week. I also have a lovely husband who does the same at the weekend. So why do I feel like I NEVER slow down? The answer is simple: I’m a mum.

I don’t recall the last time I had a hot cup of tea. Maybe I was at work a couple of years ago or maybe it was sometime in the 90’s. Since I became a mum I drink cold tea… If I’m lucky.

I’m not sure why, probably just to look at their reaction, but months ago I let the twins try my tea (it’s decaf anyway). That was a serious mistake. Since then I can only drink tea alone and quickly standing up in the kitchen or I have to share it with both of them! I guess they like drinking from a big cup or the fact that my tea is sweet, but whatever the reason, I haven’t drunk a cup of tea by myself for months.

Although back wash and sticky fingerprints are not my favourites, tea really is the solution to all problems. If one of the boys is upset, the sudden appearance of a cup of tea makes everyone happy. To drink from the big cup he had to stop crying so the problem is immediately solved!

Every parent has a secret to keep their children happy and calm. I saw parents at the supermarket offering a snack to stop a toddler crying. I saw the classical, but never out of fashion teddy bear appearing from a mother’s handbag. I even saw some parents desperately trying to bribe their child with their car keys (and then ended up locked out of their own car). I must confess I have never seen a parent stopping a child tantrum with a cup from Starbucks, but I am volunteering to be the first to try.

Wish me luck!


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