Mummy’s special cabin luggage

Flying with twins is not as bad as it sounds. You need more patient than if you had only one child as you can’t have a break, but it’s not that bad. On the other hand, travelling with B is the hardest experience ever.

The flight back from Italy in December was our 6th flight with B, we were prepared! The other kids around us all had their own iPad, but in my rucksack I had something better: snacks! Once you get through security and boarding,  you have to convince a very active 15 months old that sitting down is a great idea. Where do you start? The answer is simple, with a snack. Not any snack, but the current favourite one. Is it not the healthiest option? He will survive for once and the people next to you will be extremely thankful. Once the stomach is full, you have a happier toddler to entertain, so your job is half way there.

The first thing I took out was a lift-the-flaps book which B had never seen before. It worked for a minute or two, after which he got bored. So I had to take out the heavy weapons: clothes pegs. If you have children you know that they prefer to play with anything but toys, so I used my knowledge wisely. If you have a peg, you’ll be surprised but how much you can do with it. From chewing on it to use it on daddy’s clothes while he is not looking, the possibilities are endless, especially with the mind of a toddler. Now think what you could do with 3 pegs? 4 pegs? 5 pegs? It was a very entertaining flight!

After a lot of fun with pegs, we had to change tactics and moved to a straw. Yes, a plastic straw. You can chew that as well, which apparently is a bonus if you are teething, but you can also bend it, twist it, throw it, place it in various alternative places and finally… you can even forget it on the plane without mum being annoyed as, at the contrary of an iPad, it doesn’t cost much!


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