All I want for Christmas is olives

Exactly as it happened this summer, the twins appetite had double since we landed on the land of the pizza. The amount of bread they can have for a small mid morning snack could fill Homer Simpson’s stomach! The latest crave is olives. Their nonna (grandma) bought some Sicilian olives marinated in chilli, garlic and olive oil. I had the bad idea to let them try one…

The following two days were spent eating olives. I tried to stop them, but if the box was taken out of the fridge they could smell it a mile away! Their healthy afternoon snack usually consists in a yogurt or some fruit, but after their discovered olives, everything changed. Bread and olives became the standard. Obviously I couldn’t let them eat as many as they wanted as they were salted and spicy, but taking them away resulted in screams and cries like I have never seen before (not even for biscuits). We resorted to eat them only after they went to bed!

Now that they believe olives taste that good, it’s going to be hard on them when they’ll go back to England and have a “Tesco olive”; but that’s part of being Italian and growing up knowing that Italian food is after all the best!


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