Isn’t 2 AM the perfect time for a family snuggle?

The thing with twins is that if one wakes up… The other one follows! Not EVERY time, but certainly at the most awkward times.

Last night B woke up with a fever (as every week), so we needed to check his temperature. Then he needed some medicine, then he needed some milk, then… T needed exactly the same! Obviously T didn’t have a fever, so he only got some water of the Calpol syringe, and he didn’t really want any milk, a sip was more than enough. The important thing was not to miss out on something!

Twins often copy each other and that is part of their unique learning process. No singleton will ever have the same upbringing as a twin, because they will not have the constant comparison and company of their brother/sister. It is a magical bond, one which I envy on a daily basis. It must be so nice to never be alone. I’m sure this will change when they’ll grow up, but I haven’t met a 1 year old who craves solitude: “No mum,  don’t pick me up, I prefer to stay here by myself!”. For the time being they are loving being half of a pair and I am so grateful they constantly learn off each other. They have the concept of friendship and sharing imprinted in their brain even before they are born. We are still working on it, but we have a wealth of  opportunities everyday!


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