Mummy solo weekend

After 14 months of broken sleep and long nights. After breastfeeding, fevers and antibiotics. After 2 AM nappy changes and poo explosions, I finally spent my first 2 nights without the twins. Daddy took them away for the weekend, so I had the unique opportunity to sleep till 9.30 on a Saturday morning! Just so I can be clear, daddy didn’t take the twins away so I could have a quiet weekend, they just went to a family wedding, but the result is the same: sleep.

It is impressive how many things you can do in a day without children. I completely forgot that it doesn’t take a week to clean a house (little by little). Also the floor can stay clean if you don’t have twins learning to use a spoon. When the twirnado leave the house, it takes hours, but everything can go back to its original place.

Not only I managed to tidy up the house (or what was left of it), but I also put on the washing machine 3 times, put up Christmas decorations, wash the couch(!), wrapped 5 Christmas presents, enjoyed some tv and… drank a cup of tea when it was still hot! I feel so accomplished I could have graduated from Oxford and feel less proud of it.

Do I miss the kids? Of course I do. Would I wanted to go with them? No, I don’t. It’s common knowledge that the good things in life are the ones you have to work really hard for, and there’s no such thing as hard as raising children, but sometimes you need a break. A short break. A quiet break. A weekend to reboot, to stop, to sleep, to think, to breathe… If you still don’t know what to ask for Christmas, ask for a weekend like this. It is honestly all you need.


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