Being a mum means…

In the past 13 months I learned that being a mum means much more than sleepless nights. More than being responsible for another human being (or two). Being a mum is not as good as it looks in the movies, although I figured that out well before I got pregnant. It’s hard work and nobody has the courage to tell you how hard it really is. As a friend told me once, you learn on the job, every single day. But as all the best jobs, you can also have a laugh (or two). So what I really learned in the end is that being a mum means…

Having a bottle of Calpol on your bedside table.

Not being surprised in finding toothpaste in your hair after cleaning the twins teeth.

Finding queuing in traffic relaxing… As long as there are no screaming kids in the back.

Going to work to take a break.

Never have a break (unless you are working!)

Not being able to remember last time you had dinner without having to change a nappy half way through.

Realise half way through a hot bath that you used Johnson&Johnson baby bedtime bubble bath instead of your luxury bath salts.

Finding that your 8kg washing machine is tiny!

Taking a power nap at a red light.

Wondering why despite being knackered you can never go to sleep before 11PM.

Secretly stealing the occasional baby biscuit when no one is looking.

Having conversations about pooing, biting and teething.

Blaming teething for that is wrong in the world (yes, everything!)

Finding yourself singing “twinkle twinkle little star” while having a shower or going shopping.

Going to sleep at night and thanking God that you only had twins (not triplets!).

And after all of this, I am still looking forward to finding out what I will learn on the job in the next 13 months. I’m sure it will be amazing!


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