Not going out


Both my husband and I never been very interested in going out to pubs and disco and getting drunk on a Saturday night. So the fact that we have to spend every night in now that we have kids, it’s not a big problem. It might become annoying in December when Star Wars will be out and we won’t be able to go to the cinema, but till then we have a packed schedule of exciting nights in.

The regular schedule for the evening is as follow: dinner at 6, bath at 7, bedtime at 7.30. Leaving mum and dad time to rebuild the living room after the twinado has past (see War Zone post) and watch some tv.

Occasionally we have a spare 10 minutes between bath and bedtime. Those are the 10 minutes I wait for all day.

Yesterday for example, the boys decided to spend their 10 minutes high fiving people. I’m not kidding, the two little monsters were giving high five to each other, daddy and me and then laughing their heads off. The most energising 10 minutes I had in months. Maybe I should try that in my classroom “Now let’s all stand up and give a high five to the person next to you!”. It might work.

A few days ago, we let them loose upstairs so they started chasing each other (crawling) between rooms. One would chase the other into a room, then got scared by his brother jumping out from behind the corner and started to craw away. So the role was reversed. And so on till we had to stop them to put them to bed. Hilarious!

For their birthday they received two Trunki (a sturdy plastic luggage for toddlers), which they now use as walkers to move faster between rooms. We happened to have a living room with two doors, one that goes to the kitchen and one to the corridor. The kitchen is also connected to the corridor by another door, so if all 3 doors are open you can go around and around the downstairs floor. Fortunately only T has worked out that you can do a loop yet. Although I don’t think it will take B much longer to follow in his brother’s steps. At the point we will have the perfect Trunki F1 circuit. Please subscribe to this blog if you are interested in future tickets sale!


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