From sunset till dawn

When your twins finally start sleeping at night, you know it won’t work every night, but you believe that the long nights without sleep are over. You strongly believe it. You have to believe it! But you are wrong…

Objectively a “toddler night” is not as bad as a “newborn night”, but it’s your lack of training that makes it feel worse than it is. When you have a newborn that doesn’t sleep and you haven’t slept for 3 or 4 months, you just live in a sleepwalking mode ALL the time. You are very tired, but you almost don’t notice it anymore. After you had a few weeks of good sleep, you will find a sleepless night very difficult indeed. Last night was one of those nights.

It all started at 10, when we “woke up” B for his dose of antibiotics. Unfortunately we never really went back to sleep again.

Just drinking 5ml of medicine didn’t quench his thirst, so we gave him some milk, but that clearly wasn’t enough time with mum and daddy, so once we put him back in his cot he started to moan and moan and moan. After 20 minutes my husband had enough and went to pick him up. Mistake number 1. Once picked up, B realised he was in total control and proceeded to scream every time was put down. So my husband decided to bring him to bed with us. Mistake number 2. In fairness he did calm down and feel asleep, but not for long. After a couple of hours he woke up again and started to moan. He had a temperature.

Mistake number 3 must have been gave him even more more milk at 2.30AM. We thought he could be hungry or thirsty now that the temperature was down, so the logical thing to do was preparing a bottle of milk. That gave him the energy to start a rave party right in the middle of our bed. He kept on crawling from a side to the other shouting “Ah! Ah! RAH!”. It would have been really funny to watch… at a very different time of the day!

Finally at 3.30AM we convinced him that it was still night and he was supposed to sleep. So he fell asleep with his forehead touching my husband’s forehead. They looked really cute together, but the position implied that a very small baby now was taking at least 50% of the bed, leaving both of his parents on the edges. Not sure how, but my husband went right back to sleep and they both didn’t wake up again for another 3 hours.

The best part is that in all of this chaos, with people running up and down looking for medicines  and thermometers, bottles of milk and calpol, T kept on sleeping like nothing had happened.


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