Unanswered questions

Becoming a parent means having more responsibilities, having less time for yourself,  but also having a lot more unanswered questions in your life. I’m not talking about “why is he crying NOW??” I’m more thinking of the little mysteries behind everyday things. For example, how can T fall asleep while B is screaming in the cot next to him, but then if I creep slowly in to the room (ninja style), he walks up immediately? How is that possible?

I also wonder about the interaction between the twins sometimes. Why do they randomly start shaking their heads together and looking at the ceiling? What does it mean? I’ll never know, but they find it hilarious and start laughing every time they do it.

But most importantly I wonder about what other people must think of when they ask me: “Is it hard with twins?” Even one of the girl at nursery asked that the other day! If someone that look after babies and toddlers as a job still ask you this, it must be a very sincere question, right? I have a standard answer, although I’m always so tempted to bluff it and answer something like “it’s much easier than having only one! Are you kidding me? They are 1 year old now and I taught them to change each others nappies!”

Someone asked me: “how can you find the time to raise twins, build a cardboard castle, work full time and still find time to write a blog and cook lasagna from scratch?”. Time seems to change when you become a parent and some days feel as long as a week, but this question will remain unanswered to me, as well.

The day before I went to hospital to deliver the boys, my husband went to the supermarket and destiny made him meet a mum of twins, who told me that the first 6 months were going to be the hardest. Wisely he didn’t mention this till 6 months later! Now that they are a year old, we both ask each other: “how did we survive?” We can’t remember much, we were too tired!

Finally the most important question you ask yourself, that you are a parent of one or ten children, is always going to be: “how long till bed time?”


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