Could you sign here, please?

The twins started going to nursery 2 weeks ago, so my husband and I spent a weekend filling in forms to enrol them. They asked us lots of questions, from their doctor’s name and address to their preferred names. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Then I took them to a settle in session, when they could play while I was staying with them. The staff took the opportunity to ask me even more questions. This time the level of difficulty had definitely increased as well: what are their interests? I don’t know, they are a year old, probably foreign politics and discussions on the use of stem cells? Mmmh… In the end I told them that T likes books with flaps to open!

They also asked me: how do they like for their nappy to be changed? My husband told me I should have answered “they don’t, but if you find a way to change them without them rolling about, please let us know!” Shame I didn’t think of that.

After 2 more hours of forms to fill in, I thought they knew more about my children then me. I signed anything they put under my nose. I authorise them to use a sun cream, to change their nappies, to feed them (reading the entire menu, meal by meal). I also allowed them to take them out on a trip, give them medicine if they had a fever and cow’s milk to drink. I honestly couldn’t think of anything else I would need to sign… I was wrong.

On the first day at nursery they gave me another menu (the autumn menu apparently), with its form to fill in and sign.

On the second day they called me to ask me if they could give T some orange juice (they were allowed to give him water and milk, but nowhere I gave my permission to give him a bit of juice apparently).

On the third day B started teething again, so on day 4, they asked my husband to fill in another form authorising them to give him some teething gel.

On the fifth day they were so concerned about T, I had to sign a medical form to say that he occasionally finds it difficult to poo. Filling that in without laughing has been difficult!

In the second week, we thought things could improved. Except for sword fighting, the kids were now officially authorised to do ANYTHING! Even drinking orange juice! We were so wrong…

B scratched himself, with HIS own fingernail, on HIS face and he didn’t even cry or left a sign. But I had to sign another form that said that I had been informed. What?

Layer the same week, B had a fever, so we had to authorise them to give him some medicine. Fortunately he was fine after a couple of days, but the forms weren’t over yet.

My husband walked them to nursery with the pushchair and they fell asleep. When the girls tried to pick them up, my husband must have pulled a frightening face, because they stopped immediately. Waking a sleeping baby? Never! Waking sleeping twins? Unimaginable! So he suggested to let them sleep in the pushchair, but guess what he had to do then? Oh yes, sign a piece of paper to authorise them to keep hold of the pushchair till he returned.

It’s day 1 of week 3 at nursery and today I didn’t have to sign anything. Is there light at the end of the tunnel?


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