10 things that you would not do… unless you have children!

The twins are almost a year old, but I can still remember my life before babies. These are 10 things which I would have never done 12 months ago, but I do regularly now!

1 – Eating fish fingers for dinner. When you don’t want to cook two different dinners, they always work!

2 – Talking about poo… no further comments needed.

3 – Sit in a ball pit. Although I have to admit that it tends to overflow when I sit in it!

4 – Going around with a teething gel in my pocket. It used to be paracetamol or something useful against headaches, but now I don’t have time to have a headache anymore.

5 – Having a cardboard castle in my living room!

6 – Singing Old McDonald’s Farm. Out loud. In a public place. In front of strangers. With a smile on my face!

7 – Having a cup of tea when you have time for it, not because you want one. Not sure you can really understand the tragedy of this, unless you’re English or live in the UK.

8 – Being late for everything. Despite all my strength and all of my organisational skills, I can’t seem to be on time anymore. What’s make it worse for me, it is that my previous life I used to be always early. So I guess that in a way things haven’t changed much: I never did and I never will arrive at the right time.

9 – Knowing how to tell the time depending on the cartoon on the kids channel, not by using a watch.

10 – Writing a blog. I guess that despite everything, my life wasn’t that interesting up to 12 months ago then.


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