The family portrait

Animals and children never follow instructions or do what they are supposed to do at the right time. Yesterday we found out how hard it can be to take a nice family picture. And we don’t even have any animals!

The day was perfect, 26°C, sunny and with a light breeze.
The location was perfect, a lovely little lake with plenty of trees and blue sky.
The clothes were perfect and coordinated not to have clashing colours.
The camera was perfect, digital SLR Canon with the appropriate lens for portraits.
The twins were anything but perfect…

As we arrived a little late, we decided to feed them before taking any pictures. Despite two bibs (each!), T managed to put some food on his shorts. Not a problem, I thought, it can be photoshoped out of the photographs. Let’s carry on and try to take some decent pictures.

The weather was so perfect that the boys fell asleep in the pushchair while walking around the lake after lunch. I would have done the same if someone wanted to push me along the path in that heat. Once again I thought it wasn’t going to be a problem as we had lots of time and we definitely didn’t want a pair of grumpy tired twins in a family portrait. Let’s carry on and try to take some decent pictures.


After they woke up, we found a nice spot on the lake. The light of the sun was tickling the surface of the water creating this brilliant effect. It couldn’t be better. No one was around, except for a lonely fisherman, so we could finally take a couple of pictures. After the first 2 minutes though, a pair of school kids arrived loaded with bread for the ducks. The boys had a lovely time watching the ducks fighting for the bread, but the pictures had to be postpone. Let’s carry on and try to take some decent pictures.

After another short walk, we stopped by a small bay with very shallow water. Unfortunately someone decided to let the boys paddle in the water and their shorts got very wet. Not a good omen for the next set of pictures. We tried anyway. After the boys had a good time playing and splashing, we found a nice spot with a lovely carved wooden bench and we sat for our family portrait. For sat, I mean mummy and daddy sat down, B and T had other ideas. B put himself upside down and start laughing uncontrollably, while T really wanted to taste the wood shaped like a  swan… All in all, not the best “pose” for the perfect picture. I had enough, it had been a nice day outdoor, but the chance to take a decent picture had clearly faded away. Let’s carry on and… go back home!



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