3 AM

With or without twins, when you have a baby you’ll find yourself up at 3 AM much more often than you would like to. The sleepless nights are known to be the hardest part of becoming a parent, but nobody told you about what really happens at 3 AM…

When the boys were a few weeks old, I used to be woken up by hungry twins who wants to be fed at 3 AM. Then we put them on a routine and for some reason the feeds ended up to be at 11PM, 3 AM and 6 AM. So once again I found myself not only waking up at 3AM, but putting an alarm to do it! It seems very strange to most singleton parents, as you would usually wait for your child to call you, but if you want to tandem breastfeed twins, you will need to be properly awake and prepared! I also used to have a midnight snack just before the 3 AM feed. After all, if you are breastfeeding twins you’ll need a lot of calories, which accidentally translated to a lot of bread with Nutella, in my case. 

A few months passed, the boys grew a little and the 3 AM feed wasn’t needed anymore. If you don’t have children you may think that could mean “sleeping”, but that’s not so simple… The rota virus period started, in which a lot of nappies were filled a little too quickly and B couldn’t eat for 5 days; so we found ourselves awake in the middle of the night to give him a bath after a poo explosion or begging him to drink a little bit of water. Most of this happened around 3 AM.

Once the rota virus was evicted (twice!!), T was obviously jealous of all this attention given to B at night, so he decided to join the party by having nightmares. He used to wake up every hour screaming. Not much intervention was required to stop him from crying, but someone had to go and see him every 60 to 90 minutes. My shift used to start at 3 AM… no need to turn off the alarm on my phone.

This carried on for a month (although it felt like a year), then being twins, they had to try a bit of teamwork and start teething at the same time… If you have a surround sound system at home, imagine using it to listen to babies cry at maximum volume. Now you know why we have two sets of ear plugs on the coffee table, in the kitchen, on the bedside table, in the nappy bag and even in the gloves compartment in the car.

More recently, after a random week of antibiotics for a skin infection (with one of the doses set for 3 AM, of course); I had high hopes for a full night sleep. Despite the lack of a sickness bug or colics, teething reached a new level, so this week, I have seen the clock hand on 3 every night. B was growing two teeth at once, so he had a very high temperature for 3 days in a row (1.5 day per tooth!). My alarm was once again set for 3 AM to check his temperature and give him some water. Even last night, when I didn’t hear the alarm as I was way too tired, B woke up at 3.15 probably wondering where I was. I guess he knows the schedule as well as me.

Now that the fever is down, the teething is under control, the antibiotics course is completed; what shall I fear next?


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