The pushchair dilemma


First time parents have to add a long list of new words to their vocabulary: epidural, oxytocin, bumbo, jumperoo, etc… Hours will be spent trying to understand the difference between pram, pushchair and travel system, but also cot, cot bed and crib. If you don’t fully understand the last three words, your baby may find himself sleeping in a huge bed straight back from hospital, but it won’t be the end of the world. On the other hand if you don’t fully get the difference between a pram, a pushchair and a travel system, you may end up spending a fortune for no reason… especially if you have twins!

While I was pregnant I researched many different types of double pushchairs. You need to consider if the chosen one will fit in your car (or in the tube/metro if you live in a city). Or like my husband and I, you could buy a new car after you buy your pushchair. Crazy? Not at all, if you have a two-seater sports car and you sadly have to change it anyway. Once you sort transportation, you’ll wonder if side-by-side is a better option than tandem. You will also ask yourself if you will need to attach and detach the infant car seats without waking the babies up (yes, you will! Daily!). I was lucky and I found the perfect one for my needs after only a couple of shops. Still unsure of which option to pick between side-by-side and tandem, I went for a double decker. It is narrower than a side-by-side, so it can go through any door, but you can still clip on and off both car seats at once and it also has a huge space at the bottom for your nappy bag or your shopping. There’s only one unusual thing about this pushchair: it is so compact that at first no one notices the baby on the lower seat!

Lots of mum of twins may think of this as a blessing, because they don’t get recognised straight away and stopped constantly. I find it a little annoying that I don’t get to answer my share of silly questions: are they twins? Are they identical? Are they IVF? Why they are not wearing matching clothes? Etc… Once people notice the baby on the lower seat though, I get to answer the most ridiculous question ever: do you ever forget about the bottom one??


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