All you can eat

We are currently on holiday at the seaside in Italy and that opens up a variety of topics to discuss. From why you shouldn’t introduce your twins to lasagne (as that will be all they want to eat from then on) to the correct use of swim nappies (leave them on after being in the pool and quickly go back to the hotel room will almost certainly end up in a disaster). Despite this, I think I’ll spend my precious time (they are sleeping now!) to discuss eating at a restaurant with 10 months old twins.

Looking around our table, it is obvious that feeding any child in a restaurant can be hard, but if you have two, if they are particularly hungry, if they are also tired from a long swim in the sea and if you don’t have their usual food, you have a recipe for disaster!

First of all, if the restaurant has a high chair, even if it’s dirty, you must use it… trust me,  that will make your life so much easier! Unfortunately here we only have a couple of seats that clip on the table, but no one had a pen to mark an area in which T and B could grab things! In the past 4 days they got hold of pretty much anything, from a knife to an entire plate of pasta, some bread, a glass of wine and a huge number of napkins. Most things ended up on the floor! One asks for food or water, while the other grabs your fork; then you turn to pick up the fork and the first twin is already half way out of his seat to get hold of your napkin! Are we sure they are to young to work as a team??

My boys are really good with food, so I shouldn’t complain, but finding some food without salt in Italy is almost impossible. The only baby food available is a soup of potato, carrot and courgette. First of all it’s over 30°C, so I can’t see who would want a soup for lunch and dinner.  Secondly I don’t see how anybody would eat that insipid blob, when you could have lasagne or pizza or spaghetti! My boys agree with me, so they enjoyed some pizza, monkfish and ricotta tortelloni, sausages and cream pasta, lasagne and even ricotta and spinach cannelloni. I can’t wait to see what they are going to eat tomorrow.

10 months old kids love finger food, unfortunately this is a little messy and may create some problem in a restaurant. Usually I would have avoided finger food when out and about, except for a very small and easy to clean rice cake. Realistically I can’t use this trick for 14 meals in a row so I tried to find something to keep them occupied while mum and dad can eat their dinner. Breadsticks seemed to work for a few days, but then both twins caught on the idea that the food that adults eat must be better! After this revelation, the floor under their seats had more colours than a rainbow. Some food was gobbled down, while other was spat out in less than a second. Either way, they usually had so much to eat that they fell asleep on the table!

If after reading this, you still insist on taking your twins to a restaurant… GOOD LUCK!


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