Flying with twins

I believe it is impossible to write a generic post about travelling with twins, but as I have the famous MoM (Mum of Multiples) superpower I’ll attempt to write one anyway. If travelling with one baby is hard enough, two crawlers make the word “flying” a living nightmare.

If I only had one baby on my trip yesterday, it would have gone one of two ways… T was all smiley and clapping hands, then we took off and he fell asleep on daddy (who doze off even before him). Even after waking up, he politely accepted a breadstick and proceeded to happily looking around without moaning or asking for attention.

B didn’t stop moving for a second. From the moment we left the car and put him in the sling he started to wave at people, then wanted to walk everywhere (holding on, obviously) and he even tried to steal daddy’s sandwich. Then he managed to cut himself on a piece of aluminum foil and we weren’t even on the plane yet! Once we finally managed to check in, pass security and reach the plane… he wanted to climb mummy, walk up and down the aisle, chew on the safety leaflet, destroy a packet of breadsticks, wave and smile at everybody, try to grab another passenger’s newspaper, got hold of the hair of the person sitting in front of me and pull off one of the seat advertising cards, stopping only for a few minutes to eat a rice cake. My neighbour described him as lively, I would have chosen spirited!

If I only had one of the boys with me, it would have been so much easier… Despite all of this, we arrived to our destination safe and well. We didn’t even accidently leave B on the plane!

(Also see “5 things to remember when flying with twins” in my pages)


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