Sleep when they sleep

The most common advice that all new mums will hear is “remember to sleep when the baby sleeps”. In principle it’s not a bad suggestion. If you had someone else cleaning the house, preparing your meal, expressing milk and showering for you, then you could sleep when the baby sleep.

I know mums who will not clean their house to take a nap. That is perfectly acceptable. Make your visitors do it.

I also know mums who would go a few days without a shower to have time to nap. I am with you, girl! Just don’t come to my playgroup, please.

I personally couldn’t go without a meal to catch up on sleep, but I know plenty of people who could. I guess they weren’t breastfeeding twins!

Now, let’s say that you have twins, you manage to finish all you need to do while they are magically both asleep, so you decide to lay on the couch and close your eyes… THEY WILL WAKE UP! It’s a twins mum rule. At least one, if not both of your lovely twins, will wake up the moment you close your eyes. My suggestion is: don’t even try! I mean it, don’t try. You will feel frustrated and more tired. Have a cup of tea instead, you can always drink it later even if they wake up. My twins are almost 10 months old now and the sound advice of sleep when they sleep is now reversed: sleep even if they are awake. You probably can’t do that so easily with an only child,  but with twins you can. T and B wake up at 5.30AM every morning and I simply turn the monitor off. They learned that I will come and get them for their breakfast at 6.20AM, so they entertain each other till then. We moved their cots close, so that they can sit up and talk, while I get an extra hour in bed every morning.

Despite all of the sleepless nights when they were younger and all of the cry now that they are teething, I have to confess that sometimes I still leave the monitor on and listen to their conversations in amazement.


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