War zone

I haven’t written anything for a couple of days because I have been to a nuclear fusion research centre. Interesting,  but definitely not funny. Then I went to work on Friday and I left daddy at home with the twins… The lonely shoe abandoned in the hall should have warned me about what I was going to find in the living room, but I decided to ignore it and open the door anyway. Toys, clothes, nappies (clean and dirty!!), a kindle, 2 bouncy chairs and an empty glass were spread around the room. And there, in the middle of it, the second shoe… on the coffee table! I told myself “If daddy left with only one of the twins wearing shoes is not the end of the world, after all they don’t even walk yet”. Little did I know.

Probably I should have taken a picture, but I started to clean up instead. To be honest, the house used to look like this every evening when I was on maternity leave, the only difference was that I used to tidy up 5 minutes before my husband came home! One of the many things on the floor was a pair of trouser that I put on T this morning. Ingeniously I thought that has it had been such a hot day, my husband must have changed him and make him wear shorts. After all B was already wearing shorts. Then I heard a knock on the door and found a very smiley baby in a car seat: T wasn’t wearing any shoes, but also he wasn’t wearing any trousers either! Apparently daddy took them off to let him play outside in the sunshine, but then forgot to put them back on and he didn’t realise till they arrived at the doctor.

When I left home in the morning, I asked my husband to do two things with the boys: get them weighed at the baby clinic and take B to the doctor in the afternoon. He managed to do all I asked for, but also clean the kitchen, inflate the paddling pool, bought himself some swim shorts for our holidays and play with the boys. As this was only his second time home alone with the twins, I think he deserves a medal. Never mind if T didn’t wear any trousers on the hottest day of the year!


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