Sometimes you just don’t have enough hands

You might think that now that I’m back at work I should be very busy during the day, but still have some time to enjoy the twins in the evening. If you find feeding,  bathing,  changing,  reading to and give a bottle to twins “enjoyable”, than you should come to my house every evening!

When I went back to work I had a great plan and a strict routine, but as it often happens with babies, they had different plans. Every minutes from 5.30 to 7PM was accounted for: dinner,  bath, changing, story time and bed. Then B caught a minor skin infection to his face…

The doctor suggested to soak him in water (with a medicine) for 15 minutes everyday. Trying to be helpful she also added: “Don’t worry, you can put his bother in at the same time”. Happy with the verdict I was about to leave the office when the doctor added: “if little B likes to stand up in the bath, he might find it a bit slippery”. With the ingenuity typical of a first time mum, I thank the doctor and went immediately to purchase this miracle drug which was going to cure my boy. Later on that evening I understood what she meant.

This milky liquid to add to their bath water should not be sold without some serious warning! First of all, leaving a crawler in a slippery bath for 15 minutes should be discouraged, but two?? Bath time is now a mission impossible. B loves to climb out of his bath seat and then up the side, while T takes advantage of the situation to try any possible mischief. He got hold of a razor, the shampoo bottle and open the plug to let the water out. All of this while ignoring all of the bath toys at his disposal and with an adult in the bathtub with him. In 10 days time, daddy will be away for 3 nights and I will have to do all of this by myself… I’m sincerely considering not give them a bath for 3 days!


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