Toys, toys and more toys

A couple of months ago someone commented on the fact that my boys have a lot of toys. At the time I didn’t think about it twice, but then 3 weeks ago I visited a friend with a boy slightly older than B and T and I noticed that my poor twins have been deprived of toys appropriate to their age. What a shock! After a long Internet search, comparing reviews on Amazon and checking prices all over the net, I made a very important decision: they needed a walker and a ball pit.

Trying to be clever, I decided to buy a paddling pool with an attached ball pit. All reviews and price match comparison sites pointed to one specific model. It seemed to have everything: lots of extra toys, an inflatable car, a traffic light and even a water spray feature. I thought they could have improved their gross motor skills and have fun. It was perfect… Unfortunately it also had a massive hole!

While waiting to find some time to ask for a refund, I started another Internet search for the perfect walker. One more time, I thought I’d be VERY clever and buy a walker with a toy attached. I found a toy shopping trolley which had a popcorn maker (fake, obviously) that would pop and make silly noises at every step. I smiled and thought “they boys will love it”. I even pictured little B walking along in the living room and smiling at the popcorn maker popping away. When I found out that it also had three languages I run to the shop to buy it. It was perfect… Unfortunately both twins were scared of the popping sound and cried every time the popcorn maker started to work!

After three weeks of agony over the “toy problem”, my husband tried to dragged me to a tool shop with the excuse that it was father’s day. To limit my time amongst hammers and lathes, I took the boys to the shop next door. Try to waste time in a shop without buying anything is beyond me, so I wandered over the paint aisle. 20 minutes later I came out of the shop with £3 worth of baby-friendly paint. This time it wasn’t perfect… It was messy, colourful, playful and joyful. The twins painted the plain paper I gave them, but also the floor, my legs and EACH OTHER! We all had a laugh and absolutely loved it. Yes, they didn’t improve their motor skills or learn a new language, but they had FUN!

I’m sure they will use the walker and the replacement paddling pool will be great, but in the main time I know they are happy and I have some great memories (and pictures) to share with them in a few years time.


4 thoughts on “Toys, toys and more toys”

  1. I know the feeling! Sometimes I feel like I’m depriving M because she doesn’t have a jumperoo etc. but the most I’ve seen her concentrate on anything lately was exploring a cardboard package a delivery from Amazon had arrived in!! 🙂

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